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About Us

The car wash industry is antiquated and presents numerous environmental risks.

Our mission is to revolutionize car washes by offering a waterless, environmentally friendly, and user-friendly approach. Discover our remarkable journey and our visionary outlook on the future of car cleaning.

Our Services

Wash at home

Car wash delivered to your home.

Wash at work

Car wash while you work.

We provide convenient waterless car cleaning services at locations that suit our customers’ needs. Our primary objective is to save you time and eliminate the hassle by employing eco-friendly and water-conscious techniques for vehicle cleaning. Whether it’s a retail shopping center, office building, or even your own home, we bring our cleaning services to you. To discover more about our offerings, please reach out to us by sending a message today!


Introducing an exceptional subscription service exclusively tailored to maintain your car’s pristine appearance effortlessly.

The Miracle Shine Membership has a monthly flat rate fee that includes 4 washes per month.

Prepare to experience substantial savings and unlock a host of high-value benefits as part of your subscription. With our commitment to excellence, your car will consistently maintain that fresh-from-the-showroom look.

Sign up today and discover a new level of convenience and savings for your beloved vehicle.

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