About Us

The Miracle Shine

Our primary goal is to save water, and closely following that is our commitment to preserving the environment.

The car wash industry, in its current state, is antiquated and presents numerous environmental risks.

Lost Water

Traditional car washes typically consume a staggering 40 gallons of water per car, and even with the use of recycled water, they can inadvertently introduce and lose approximately 60 gallons of fresh water per car.

On the other hand, waterless car washing methods require minimal amounts of water per car, often utilizing less than a cup of water. This significant reduction in water usage highlights the eco-friendly nature of waterless car washing.

Contamination & Chemicals on Vehicles Surface

Car washing, especially in traditional methods, can indeed pose environmental threats. When a car is washed, contaminants and harmful residues present on the vehicle’s surface can be washed off and ultimately end up in the ground. This runoff water has the potential to contaminate drinking water sources or affect plants and animals in the surrounding area.

In contrast, waterless car washing offers a more environmentally friendly approach. With waterless methods, dirt and contaminants are directly wiped off the car’s surface using microfiber towels. This process effectively traps and reduces the potential for runoff, minimizing the risk of contamination and the negative impact on water sources, plants, and animals.

Lost Chemicals in Wash Liquids

Most conventional car wash detergents contain phosphates or their chemical replacement, NTA. These ingredients have long been considered standard components in car wash detergents. However, studies have indicated that these very detergents can cause damage to fish membranes. This highlights the potential environmental impact of water discharge from vehicles that have been washed using such detergents, leaving a trail of pollution behind.

In contrast, waterless car washing not only saves water but also addresses the issue of harmful chemicals. At The Miracle Shine, we prioritize the use of biodegradable chemicals in our products. By opting for our waterless car wash solution, you can rest assured that no harmful chemicals will flood the ground or your vehicle, minimizing the environmental impact and promoting a healthier ecosystem.

Our Beginnings

The Miracle Shine is an independent company founded in Modesto with two simple, yet powerful goals in mind. First, we plan to save time and money for our customers. Second, we strive to be an environmentally conscious company. Our washes are waterless and our products are eco-friendly with only biodegradable ingredients. 

Our passion lies with improving the environment and saving water. Employees receive hands on training in wash techniques, customer service and have experience in taking care of vehicles ranging from luxury, sport and everyday drivers. 

Our Services

Waterless car washes are here to revolutionize the way you care for your vehicle. By using less than a cup of water per vehicle, we will leave your vehicle looking shiny and clean. 

Step 1

Your vehicle’ paint is not flat. With improper wash and drying techniques from a traditional or brush wash, dirt can scratch the paint.

Step 2

Our wash liquids emulsify the dirt, encapsulate the contaminants and provides a safe layer of lubrication to ensure proper removal of contamination

Step 3

We only use clean microfiber towels and advanced techniques to safely lift and absorb dirt off the vehicle’s surface.

Step 4

The final result is a scratch, streak and swirl free glossy finish!