Fleet Services


Waterless and Eco-Friendly Fleet Cleaning delivered to your location.

We understand that your fleet is a reflection of your brand, and maintaining its cleanliness is paramount.

At Miracle Washes, we offer a specialized Fleet Cleaning service designed to create a hassle-free program tailored to your specific requirements. Our team is dedicated to building a comprehensive cleaning solution for your fleet, ensuring that it remains in pristine condition.

Why Us?

Save Time

We understand that every minute counts when it comes to revenue generation. That’s why we offer a team of specialized technicians who can clean your fleet more efficiently, allowing you to reclaim valuable time.

Instead of spending 20 minutes per trip to the car wash for each employee, our dedicated technicians will take care of the cleaning process on your schedule. We prioritize efficiency, ensuring that your fleet is cleaned thoroughly and promptly, minimizing any disruptions to your operations.

Save Money

In the conventional approach, companies typically send their employees to the car wash, but when you factor in payroll costs, employer taxes, lost business opportunities, liability risks, and the potential for decals to rip off (I believe you understand the implications), the traditional car wash doesn’t turn out to be as cost-effective as it may seem. However, we can offer you a solution that effectively accommodates your cleaning requirements while staying within your budgetary constraints.

Save Water

At Miracle Washes, we employ a waterless and eco-friendly method for cleaning. Unlike pressure wash companies that often waste thousands of gallons of water when cleaning fleets, sometimes even utilizing your water supply, we take pride in offering high-value hand washes directly to your fleet. We strongly believe that this approach is not only more sustainable for our environment but also ensures the production of a high-quality product for your business.

How Pricing is Modeled:

1. Volume of vehicles.
2. Frequency washed.
3. Service performed.

We also offer unique pricing subscription services that make sense for your business. Whether you’re a small business owner or large corporation, we have a pricing model that will fit your budget.

Additional Benefits:

Save money on employee and payroll costs

We are here to help you further create efficiency within your business. No more reimbursing employees and requiring them to manage their own car wash expenses. Let us do the cleaning while you manage your business and control your car wash and detailing costs. In addition, our team is ready to clean whether it be early in the morning, late at night or even on the weekends.

Increase ROI with a clean, maintained fleet

With your busy schedule, it's easy for the fleet cleaning schedule to fall behind. Your fleet vehicle is more than just a car. It is your branding, your advertising and your representation to the public. Consistent cleanings will not only drive a positive image of your brand but may increase potential leads and customer acquisition. Treat your fleet the right way; before bugs, tar, dirt and grime build up and require heavier detailing services.

High quality, consistent and 5-star results

Our main focus is cleaning and sanitizing your fleet based on your specifications. Let us handle the details while you free up time to focus on other company objectives. When collaborating with Miracles Washes, we want to help you succeed. Our technicians are fully trained to perform waterless car detailing and our managers are a call away for any assistance to you.

Eco-friendly and sustainability

When partnering with Miracle Washes not only are you saving your company time and money, but you are also saving water. Our waterless process allows us to use roughly one cup of water per vehicle washed. In addition, every chemical we use is eco-friendly and biodegradable allowing us to perform car washes in unique areas that produce zero runoff.

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