The Miracle Shine

A Unique Subscription Service Designed to effortlessly keep your car looking brand new. 

Choose a membership

Each membership includes 4 washes per month.

Save $20 monthly.


$123.99 / mo

Interior+ Exterior

$179.99 / mo

Frequently asked questions

How will the onsite technician know that I am a member to get my discount?

Each member is labeled in our system as a member. When you book an appointment under your name the technician will already know.

How do I order a wash to be delivered?

Members have access to a special booking portal to order a wash delivered to any house for a $50 fee.

Do I need to have the Miracle Shine app to be a member?

No. As of right now the Miracle Shine app is in its beta phase. For now it is a great tool to track your points, and book appointments.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel membership at any time by simply emailing or by calling us xxxxxxx

Membership Philosophy

At The Miracle Shine, we set out to establish a membership program that goes beyond the limitations of existing options. We wanted to create a customizable program that caters to any budget, car, and frequency of use. Unlike the local alternatives that restrict you to “Unlimited Exterior ONLY” or require you to handle the vacuuming yourself, along with purchasing separate plans for each car, we knew there had to be a better approach.

Introducing The Miracle Shine Membership, carefully designed with our core values in mind. By joining, you not only contribute to water conservation and environmental preservation but also enjoy the benefits of saving time and money.

With our membership, you have the freedom to manage your car cleaning according to your preferences. It’s a fresh and innovative approach, so please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or sign up today to experience the difference.

Additional Questions?

Call us at 209-844-6799