Wash At Home

The Best Part of Our Membership Program


Members who choose to add Wash at Home to their subscription enjoy the convenience of scheduled washes delivered right to their home. In addition to this time-saving service, they also benefit from a discounted delivery fee. These Wash at Home members receive all the perks and advantages that come with being standard members, ensuring they receive comprehensive benefits while enjoying the luxury of professional car washes conveniently brought to their doorstep

Undoubtedly, our Wash at Home service has been in high demand among our customers. We understand that not everyone is able to visit a retail site whenever they require a wash. Hence, our aim was to create a program specifically tailored for our valued customers, granting them the convenience of experiencing The Miracle Shine right at their doorstep. It’s an effortless solution to ensure your car maintains a pristine, brand-new appearance.

How It Works:

Become a Member

Simply fill out the form on our member sign up page and check the wash at home box. We will reach out for scheduling.

Choose Your Schedule

Our sign up specialist will call and help you find the best day and time. We will cover any other details needed to get you started.

Choose Your Enjoy Your Clean Car

Relax and let us make sure your vehicle is clean and maintained. you will enjoy a clean vehicle year round with no hassle.

How Pricing Works

Our members get discounts on every wash and Wash at Home members save even more. The Miracle Shine at Home pricing reflects our current membership pricing + $35 delivery fee per household.


  • Member Pricing 
  • 30% off Detail Menu
  • 10% off Products
  • Use points on any car
  • Access to more service points
  • Priority Booking

What People Are Saying

— Jenn L.

Now that I have a baby, I don’t have time to wait an hour at the car wash so I opted for The Miracle Shine’s new wash monthly subscription program where they come to you, which is really convenient as they tailored to our needs. 

There’s a $30 delivery charge, so I opted to have 3 cars done at the same time. They arrived on time at 8am and finished all 3 vehicles in about 90 minutes. They did a thorough job as well!”

—Daman K.

“They always do a great job on my Model X. I have a Ceramic Pro coating and this waterless wash method is far less intrusive and keeps the coat and polish looking amazing.

I’m a customer for life.”

Frequently asked questions

How will the onsite technician know that I am a member to get my discount?

Each member is labeled in our system as a member. When you book an appointment under your name the technician will already know.

How do I order a wash to be delivered?

Members have access to a special booking portal to order a wash delivered to any house for a $50 fee.

Do I need to have the Miracle Shine app to be a member?

No. As of right now the Miracle Shine app is in its beta phase. For now it is a great tool to track your points, and book appointments.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel membership at any time by simply emailing xxx@gmail.com or by calling us xxxxxxx